From the Parents…

"Anne is a lively, compassionate teacher who has worked with my son for more than five years. She has used his strong interest in dinosaurs as a way to teach him about color, line, and perspective. She has helped him create drawings and paintings that he is proud to exhibit all over his room. He is always glad to see her, and loves to think up new projects they can do. She makes his life richer. I asked my son to describe his work with 'Ms. Anne' and here's what he said: 'She is a wonderful teacher. We worked on anime and manga things and we're doing a Tyrannosaur Family Tree project. She is great at helping me with drawing stuff and being creative. She is a very nice person and fun. What I would tell other students about her is she's the greatest!'"
Wendy Besmann, Knoxville, TN
"This art class gave our son a chance to express himself and built self-confidence."
Michelle Brady, White Pine, TN
"Our son gained confidence and pride in his artwork. He enjoyed being with the other kids."
Tammy Sweeney, Lenoir City, TN
"My daughter has realized her love of art/creativity. She has been so excited about class. She told her teachers and friends every week about her art class."
Lea Ford, Jacksonville, FL

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